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Your reputation is always on the line in the fast-paced digital
business landscape. Any negative content that shows in
search engine results risks undoing all the hard work
you’ve done in building your personal or business brand.

If you have any negative content showing on the search
engine results, our online reputation management specialists
are here to help.

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    What Impression Do Your Search
    Engine Results Make?

    At RepGuardian, we have the tools and expertise to put you in control of what people see when they search about you or your brand,
    products or services. When an internet user goes online, we work hard to ensure they find favourable mentions about your
    business. Through our cutting-edge online reputation management solutions, we:

    Build a Solid Reputation

    We specialise in helping you rise above the fray by building a strong online reputation. A
    solid brand reputation can resist persistent online attacks, misleading content and
    negative portrayals.

    Promoting Positive Content

    Our online reputation management specialists identify the positive information about your brand and boost it on search engine results. Our mission is to ensure internet users find quality, truthful and positive content about your business.

    Suppress the Negative

    We use a variety of strategies to push any negative content or misleading information
    about your brand down the search
    engine listings. This means virtually
    nobody will ever see such content

    Search Engine Results Affect your Online Reputation

    What shows up on the first pages of search engine results can make or break your brand. Whether a business, personal life or
    career, any negative information ranking high on SERPs risks ruining all the hard work you’ve
    put into building your brand.


    of online experiences begin
    with a search engine.

    – Search Engine Journal


    of shoppers read online reviews
    before making a purchase.

    – Spiegel Research


    of clicks go to the top three
    websites in SERPs. If there’s
    negative content about your
    brand, this is what users
    will believe.

    – Search Engine Journal


    of businesses use social media in
    their recruiting process.

    – Jobvite, Capterra


    Online social recruiting has
    grown 54% in the past five
    years in HR departments.

    – SHRM Report.

    These statistics highlight the importance of a solid online reputation. In today’s digital landscape, a good reputation is an invaluable asset for any business. The internet has made it easier for consumers to find information about brands they want to interact with. Search engines magnify the effects of brand perception. If a business faces a crisis, this information will easily reach the target customers.

    We appreciate the need for an excellent online reputation. This is why we have put together a team of highly experienced digital marketing and search engine optimization veterans to help build a proactive online reputation management strategy. Our solutions are useful not only for businesses, but for individuals too

    How We Put You in Control

    Search Results Audit

    We have a highly experienced team that carries an in-depth situational analysis of your search results. We use a combination of proprietary techniques and other tools to audit how your reputation fares in the search results. This helps us come up with an effective strategy for you.

    Content Production

    One of the key planks in our suite of services is content creation. Our mission is to ensure we create truthful, quality and informative content about your brand.

    Content Review

    We use a client-centred approach in online reputation management. Before publishing any content, you can review and approve it.

    Strategic Content Syndication

    We identify the most suitable online publishing platforms and have your content syndicated to these sites for optimum results.

    Content Promotion

    In order to get the newly published content seen prominently on the search results, we structure the link profiles and metadata of your content. Our objective is to push the positive content up the search results.


    Our specialists monitor the effectiveness of the content creation campaign by reviewing search engine results. Through search engine signalling and SERPs reordering, you will then be able to tell the impact of the solutions implemented.

    Ongoing Reputation Management

    We continue your positive reputation reinforcement through the creation of low-level content and SEO strategies. This to reinforce positive trends which in turn strengthens your brand’s online reputation against future digital onslaughts.

    Negative Content
    Suppression (NCS)

    An internet search engine is the world’s most public forum. Any negative information about you can ruin your life. Negative business mentions can also lead to loss of customers and eventual closure. The internet landscape is largely un-policed, and this makes it hard to use legal means to fight off the bad press. As you try fighting defamatory content through legal means, the damage continues, and this is where we come in.

    As the leading online reputation management specialists, our mission is to get rid of the harmful content and repair the damage using the best SEO techniques. We help suppress malicious content and ensure you quickly regain control over your online reputation.

    Our team uses a multi-disciplinary approach in suppressing negative content, including legal removal requests to search engines, positive content creation and targeted favourable content placement. We push the newly created positive content through search engine optimization techniques and ensure the negative search results dropdown. This strategy helps restore your individual or company’s online reputation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to delete my negative search results?
    No. Only in rare cases of where content is defamatory or against copyright law. Trying to remove content through legal means might make the situation worse. While we make efforts to contact search engines, site registrar and Web Host for assistance, it’s easier to achieve more effective results with RepGuardian’s Online Reputation Management solutions.
    What is defamation? How can you help?
    Defamation refers to writing or broadcasting slanderous/libellous content about an individual or business. On the digital landscape, this is a faceless crime which can affect your, your business or even family. Authorities are mostly unable to help, but we can help through our online reputation management solutions.

    We generate positive and neutral content which we boost to overshadow the negative information under the search term. This is done with only white-hat SEO techniques to repair your online reputation.

    What type of clients do you work with?
    We work with:

    • Individuals who have been wrongly defamed on the internet, or with negative content about them online
    • Small businesses with negative reviews
    • Brands who care about their reputation
    Do you use customized content for your ORM campaigns?
    We create and publish unique content. Our writers and editors take time to first understand your situation, and then we’ll create a bespoke content creation plan.
    What type of negative content can you counter?

    Our team can help with virtually all types of harmful content, including:

    • Negative reviews
    • Social media mentions
    • Newspaper articles
    • Slanderous comments by ex-employees/competitors
    • Dedicated Facebook pages/groups
    • Content from outdated websites
    • Images (depending on whether you own the rights)

    If you notice any online content attracting bad publicity online, we can help.

    What if I don’t need any content, can you still help?
    Yes but this falls under the special projects category. Our team can still utilise existing established material to achieve desired results and other tactics. We use white-hat SEO tactics to promote these links and repair your online reputation.
    Are the results guaranteed?
    No. It would be dishonest for us to guarantee results because we know it’s impossible to remove harmful content from search results instantly. Instead, we work hard to deliver favourable search results and repair your online reputation. You wouldn’t trust a doctor who guarantees that he or she can cure your illness, would you?
    I have seen cheaper offers to repair my online reputation, why work with RepGuardian?

    RepGuardian uses white hat SEO techniques that won’t hurt your brand in the long-term. Cheaper services might create short-term results which will eventually disappear. We have a highly experienced team using cutting-edge tools and this is not something you find with most of our competition.

    We’ve built a reputation for excellence and results, and this distinguishes us from the rest.

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