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Content Takedown Services

What gets onto the Internet stays on the Internet. While we can suppress negative content and associated search results, digital content remains online, and can be accessed by individuals with correct know-how or advanced search capabilities.

In situations where the repercussions on online content are severe, we do all that is within our
capabilities to help clients remove the offending content.


Removal requests to content hosts

Content hosts such as social-media sites, blogs, and forums stipulate conditions of use by which members or users must abide by (or risk their accounts being suspended or content removed). If content about you breaches these conditions of use, such as in the case of malicious, defamatory, or harassing content, we are able to put in a firm request to the relevant content host for the content to be removed or blocked in in a particular region. While we cannot guarantee success, we have had considerable success where removal requests are supported by ample evidence and justification. In addition, content that condones socially-acceptable norms such as abuse, self-harm, violence, and racism are more likely to be removed or blocked by
content hosts upon request.


Demand letters to content originators

It may sometimes be more effective to go after the author or originator of offending content if the identity of such person is known to you. Our partner lawyers can send legal notices to content originators demanding that they remove the offending content published, or risk facing lawsuits for defamation and/or harassment. Where a content originator resides in another country or jurisdiction, we rely on our network of law firms across the world to issue the require legal notices.


Demand letters to content hosts

There may be circumstances in which a content host (such as a website, blog, forum, or social-media platform) may be held liable for defamation even though the host did not author the offending content. On example is where a content host has been notified about a defamatory post, but refuses to remove the post. In such cases, our partner lawyers will issue a demand letter to the content host requiring that the host removes the content in question, or risk legal action being taken against it.



Our partner lawyers are able to start lawsuits against content originators and/or hosts as a measure of last resort. The prospect of having to deal with a lawsuit may encourage an offending party to comply with a prior removal request or demand. The legal systems of most countries allow for court orders requiring a losing party in a defamation or harassment suit to remove content. A losing party may also have to pay compensation. In cases where content is published by anonymous originators, our partner lawyers have experience working with judicial institutions and authorities to investigate the identities of these anonymous persons.

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