About Us

About Us

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation.
And only one bad one to lose it”
– Benjamin Franklin

The Internet and social media offer businesses and individuals boundless opportunities to market and brand themselves. However, the online terrain is also a tricky one to navigate. Your reputation may not always be in your hands? As much as we can create and promote positive content about ourselves and our businesses, beliefs, and causes, the open nature of the Internet also leaves us exposed to negative content that can set our corporate and personal
reputations back.

Negative content can come in many forms: from malicious attacks and untruths spread by competitors or disgruntled ex-employees to cavalier or one-sided reviews left by clients and customers. A growing culture of online discourse also means that anyone, even a private and reserved individual, can come under the scrutiny of the Internet following an event that piques public interest. Doxxing (or the act of revealing a person’s private information online) has become so prevalent that the government has deemed it necessary to legislate against such conduct.

Why RepGuardian
was born

What makes its way onto the Internet stays on the Internet. If you don’t tackle them at the right time and in the right manner, negative online content may have an irreversible impact on your corporate and personal reputation. Businesses may see a dip in patronage and profits. Individuals may feel unsafe, distressed, or have their employment prospects and livelihoods affected.

Unique challenges call for unique responses. At RepGuardian,
we devise and deploy carefully-calibrated solutions that
remove, negate, and/or downplay negative online content. We
are committed to just one simple purpose here at
RepGuardian – to help clients manage and protect their
online reputations.

Our team members have industry experience in two main
domains – marketing and law. The digital marketers and
social-media experts among us harness their media contacts
and expertise in search-engine optimisation to nullify or
push down unwanted content.

In cases where content remains stubborn and unruly, or where
clients want to be compensated for the losses they have suffered,
we call on our partner law firms to identify and take legal action against the relevant perpetrators. We recognise that online threats
to reputation come in all forms and manners; which means there is
no one-size-fits-all approach to online reputation management. We pride ourselves on providing personalized response plans (which
may involve a mix of both soft and hard approaches) to clients who come to us with their concerns.

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